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motion design



My creative process has to start with a solid foundation. Starting with great composition and design, with animation kept in mind, is key. I represent that in this style frame created for the Chicago White Sox.

Frame 1.png
Frame 2.png
Frame 3.png

Translating one style frame into several is also key for working with brands to develop their visual style in simple, comprehensive steps that lend themselves well to animation, like in this storyboard for Lokalo.

Taking that one step further means developing immersive experiences with brand identity in mind, utilizing animation and design to enhance it. The LED rings below were designed to accompany the Chicago Wolves' burgundy, or alternate "Storm" jerseys, creating a heightened in-arena fan experience.

I pride myself on diversity of style, adaptability, and ability to learn quickly. But most important to me is loving what I do and having fun challenging myself with new projects.

I've been getting into a lot more non-sports work with public venues, as well. Working on 2D and 3D forced perspective projects is an incredibly exciting arena for me. Making more projects like this Web 3.0 art gallery for World Trade Center are really invigorating me to innovate and learn.

Below are a smattering of pieces featured in my demo reel above

Lets Go Fever 3D Prompt
O's Win
Fever Matchups
Caitlin Clark Draft Pick
Pacers 3 Pointer
Seattle Seahawks Make More Noise
Lets Go Sixers 2022-23
Pacers Matchups 2022-23
Goal Gif
Cinema 4D Crab
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